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Promote your business via School Newsletters!
Promote your business via School Newsletters!

Blank is proud to be able to offer FREE full colour newsletter covers to schools and community clubs. We design a beautiful front cover promoting your organisation and then invite local businesses to sponsor the production cost by placing limited adverts on the back cover. We then print a yearís worth and deliver to the organisation who then insert the news on a weekly or fortnightly basis.

You can see an example of a school newsletter on your right. We can design the newsletter for you, or you can design it yourself!

Promote your business using school newsletters!
Promote your business using school newsletters!

Promote Your Business!
Support Local Schools!

1 spot = 60mm wide by 48mm high (Landscaped)

2 spots = 60mm wide by 102mm high (Portrait)
2 spots = 125mm wide by 48mm high (Landscaped)

3 spots = 60mm wide by 155mm high (Portrait)
3 spots = 190mm wide by 48mm high (Landscaped)

4 spots = 125mm wide by 102mm high (Squared)
4 spots = 60mm wide by 198mm high (Portrait)

5 spots = 60mm wide by 260mm high (Portrait)

6 spots = 190mm wide by 102mm high (Landscaped)
6 spots = 125mm wide by 155mm high (Portrait)

8 spots
= 125mm wide by 198mm high (Portrait)

10 spots = 125mm wide by 260mm high (Portrait)

15 spots = 190mm wide by 260mm high (Portrait)

* Sizes subject to change

Benefits and Comparisons:
Most local newspapers
  • Full of lots of ads
  • Competitors also advertise
  • Smallest size costs at least $300 for a once only ad
  • You pay extra for graphic design

Our School Newsletters

  • Limited to a max of only 15 sponsors
  • Exclusive opportunities available
  • Smallest size starts at $350 for an ad in every edition for 12 months!
  • All ads include professional graphic design

1 School
2 Schools
3+ Schools
1 Spot - 1 Year
1 Spot - 2 Years
1 Spot - 3 Years
2 Spots - 1 Year
2 Spots - 2 Years
2 Spots - 3 Years
3 Spots - 1 Year
3 Spots - 2 Years
3 Spots - 3 Years

These schools are looking for sponsors:

Pinewood Primary
Bayswater South Primary
Wantirna Primary
St Leonardís Catholic Primary
Burwood Primary
Tinternvale Primary
Bayswater West Primary
Clayton Primary
Mount Waverley North Primary
Mullum Mullum Primary
Clayton North Primary
Mountain Gate Primary
Mount Waverley North Primary School

*All sponsorships are valid for 40 school weeks (1 calendar year) All prices include professional Graphics & Design work and GST. Places are strictly limited and are selling fast.

For multi year purchases, payment of 1st year is up front. Additonal years due within 25 weeks of invoice date. Pay off through and add 10% to invoice price. Pay within 2 weeks of invoice and receive a $25 credit on your account towards any future printing or label purchases. For more details, please contact Alex on 0412 811 437, or

For more information, please contact Alex at or call 0412 811 437 today!

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