Removable and Permanent labels.

Removable and Permanent labels.

What is the difference between removable labels and permanent labels?

Permanent labels have an adhesive that sticks to the surface the label is stuck on. If you try to take it off after it has beeen properly applied, permanent labels remain stuck to the surface. If you persist they weill come off, but the adhesive will tend to stay on the surface it was stuck to.

Removable labels have an adhesive that will come off with the label when you try to peel it off. Rather than sticking to the surface, the removable adhesive sticks to the sticker, and leaves the surface clean.

After a few days, however, the removable adhesive starts to act like a permanent adhesive and stays stuck to the surface. The benefit of removable labels is that they allow you to adjust the position of the labels for a time.

Remember that all self-adhesive labels are pressure sensitive. If you apply them firmly and rub or roller over them they stick much better than if you apply them lightly. stocks removable labels in matt and gloss white paper labels, and in fluoresecent yellow matt paper labels. All of our labels are available with permanent adhesive.

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