Fridge and Freezer Labels

Labels for bottles or jars that may end up in the fridge.

The most suitable label for jam jars or wine bottles or similar things are our WLK 202 Refrigeration & Wine labels which come in both Matt and Gloss finishes. They are a paper label with an enhanced adhesive and water resistance, and are designed stick properly even after extended periods of refrigeration.

These labels were designed for wine bottle, including white wine bottles that can get dunked in an ice bucket. The idea is that these labels will last for an extended time in an ice bucket without turning to mulch like an ordinary paper label would. Being a paper label there is still going to be some wrinkling after a while in water/ ice, but they will not just dissolve.

These labels can also be used to stick on to unfrozen goods which are then put into a freezer

Freezer labels - for sticking on to already frozen goods.

If you require labels that can can be stuck on to already frozen goods and survive in the extremes of the freezer and will not run or de-laminate or come off, use our FR8 freezer labels.

These labels are designed to go on to already frozen goods. To apply them you simply wipe of the frost so that you have a clean surface, and apply the label. They will stay stuck, unlike normal lables which won't stick to an already frozen surface.

If you need labels that are stuck on before freezing, and then put into the freezer, use our WLK 202 labels (above) instead.

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