Labels for perfume, essential oils and similar bottles

Labels for perfume, essential oils and similar bottles.

There are several options here.

  • Paper labels - our WLK 202 is ideal. These are economical and durable, and can be printed with a laser printer. They have an enhanced adhesive and water resistance and will stick well to jars, bottles and tins.
  • Synthetic labels. Our Datapol white or translucent synthetic labels, made from polyester, provide completely waterproof, long lasting and good looking labels. These are a premium label and considerably more expensive, but will last a very long time. They are available in white and translucent matt finishes.
  • Clear labels. If you want a perfectly clear label (glass clear), our Polylaser Clear is ideal for this purpose. It is a transparent polyester material with a permanent adhesive. It is waterproof and very durable. It gives that 'no label' look because it is transparent.
Suitable for:

Laser printer

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