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Synthetic Label Stock

Synthetic White & Translucent - Matt only.

Synthetic is ideal for outside or rugged conditions use. Weatherproof and often used for labels to stick on cars, etc.

Suitable Printers

Laser, offset and screen print

Polylaser Clear - Gloss only.

Polylaser is a waterproof and weather proof synthetic label with excellent adhesive properties, making it the ideal clear label for a wide variety of uses. Because of its clear nature it is almost invisible when applied to a surface, so that your clients will see only the printing on the label. It is ideal when you want to have a label that doesn't look like a label.

An alternative to Polylaser Clear is Synthetic Translucent, or you may request us to print on Vinyl PVC Clear. Vinyl PVC Clear is not suitable for laser printers. However, BlankLabels may be able to screen print these materials for you depending on your requirements.

Suitable Printers

Laser, offset and screen print

PE Laser White - Matt only.

This is the only synthetic label we stock that you can use with an inkjet printer - and it's weatherproof too! The ink doesn't run, because the softer porous surface of the label absorbs the ink.

Suitable Printers

Inkjet and Laser