Submitting Artwork

The following is a guide to submitting artwork to us:

Order   This should be written/typed, not verbal.

We need:

  • Your business name
  • Your name or the name of a contact in your business
  • Phone number - land line preferred, mobile as back-up.
  • Delivery and billing address
  • Email contact
  • Name of the job
  • Type of job. eg business card, postcard, letterhead (needs to be single sided on 90 gsm lasertec), brochure (single or double sided on 150 gsm gloss art paper), sticker, labels etc
  • Finished size of job
  • Lamination if applicable - cards can be laminated as follows:
    • gloss on the front, unlaminated on the back
    • matt on the front, unlaminated on the back
    • matt both sides
    • For orders of 5000 or more the cards can be unlaminated both sides
  • Quantity


We accept both Mac and PC files in the following formats:

Corel Draw Jpg
Illustrator Quark
Photoshop InDesign
Tiff Pdf
  • Files need to be CMYK. PMS colours should be converted to CMYK before sending to us.
  • Fonts other than basic fonts need to be converted to curves/outlines, or supplied with your artwork.
  • Pdfs should have the fonts embedded.
  • Our standard card size is 90 x 55 mm. If artwork goes to the edge of the card it must be extended over the edge by 2mm (bleed). Therefore your artwork should be 90 x 55 if no bleed is needed, or 94 x 59 mm if bleed is needed on one or more sides.


This is a printout of the artwork supplied to us. We use it to check fonts and basic layout, so we can be fairly certain what we see on the screen is the same as you see. It is also used to identify the job as it moves through the factory. The hardcopy can be colour or black and white. It can be faxed to us. Perhaps easiest and quickest is if you send a pdf or jpg of the artwork. The artwork and hardcopy must be separate files. ie we cannot use a pdf as both the artwork and the proof. So there must be two versions of the file

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